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Services We Offer

To produce a superior quality paint finish, careful preparation work needs to be completed. Paint alone will not correct surface flaws! Good preparation creates a clean and smooth surface for optimum paint adhesion.

Ronbos team will professionally evaluate and recommend the necessary preparation work and correct product to produce a finish that will protect the quality, appearance, and longevity of the painted surface.

Exterior Painting

Three factors contribute to the quality of a paint job. Proper preparation is the most important factor when it comes to producing a long lasting and attractive final result. Prep is 90% of the job on the exterior. Product is the second most important factor that affects the painting project. Cheap paints and finishes just don’t hold up. At Ronbos we use only the top shelf finishes from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams. Although costly for us, since we purchase all the products, it is great value for you.

Labor is the third factor; cheap labor is not skilled and skilled labor isn’t cheap. Ron personally teaches all his painters his rules and methods to ensure that you are getting the most knowledgeable and skilled painters in the county. We want to assure you that your house is not only painted but also sealed up properly. We spend a great deal of time and money making sure your paint job will last as long as possible.

Interior Painting

Have Ronbos Fine Painting Inc. create the mood and atmosphere you are looking for. At Ronbos we only use the top shelf finishes from Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams and Clark and Barlow. Our goal here is not to just paint but to lay out flawless smooth finishes on your walls and trim.

Our painters have a minimum of 3 years experience before they pick up a brush on a homes interior. Our mission is to create a flawlessly clean room and a feeling of serenity.

Plaster and Drywall Repair

Ronbos painters possess the skills necessary to complete plaster and drywall repairs. All plaster cracks must be dug out in a V shape; then filled in with a cement type setting plaster. The third step is applying a fiberglass tape over all the cracks to insure the cracks do not reappear.

The forth step is to apply two coats of plaster about 8 to 14 inches wide. The final coat is the most important and must be smooth and blend into the wall at the edge. Once sanded and primed we touch up or tweak any imperfect areas. When this process has been completed the walls are paint ready.

Deck and Fence Staining

Ronbos Fine Painting Inc. will power wash, prep and stain your deck or fence resulting in a superior professional long lasting finish. We start with ABR concentrated wood restorer (the #1 cleaner on the market, custom order only), once that is applied we scrub it down with a granny’s wooden scrub brush on steroids. Once dry and the moisture level is below 12%, we can apply the stain color of your choosing to produce the finished appearance you are looking for.

Stain brand choices are Kilma, Siikens Cetol, Ben Moores Arborcoat, Sherwin Williams Super Deck and Ready Seal. These brands all have different pros and cons; please let Ronbos help you determine which product will best suit your particular project.


If your project requires wood repair or replacement, whether interior or exterior, Ronbos Fine Painting Inc. has the necessary tools, skills and knowledge to complete your project properly and efficiently. We have current knowledge of building and village codes and know how to make repairs that will last the longest. Azek is the new choice for pillars, fascia, and all 1 x 4 to 1 x 8’s because it will never rot.

The wood we use is only select lumber not found in big box stores; the pressure treated wood they carry is NOT kiln dried and will cup and twist. We have the experience and knowledge required to determine which wood is best for your repairs.